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Student Institution Mentor(s) Project
Marcelo Almora Rios Harvey Mudd College Sevil Salur Jet shape analyses in Au+Au collisions at RHIC
Maine Christos Rutgers University Sunil Somalwar The search for the Type III Seesaw Mechanism with multivariate analysis
Marcell Howard Case Western Reserve University Andrew Baker Probing the evolution of galaxies by stacking stellar mass selected samples
Zach Huber University of Notre Dame Weida Wu Surface preparation of Weyl semimetal Mn3Sn
Sean MacBride Wheaton College Carlton Pryor A search for tidal tails in the satellite galaxy Carina
Emma McLaughlin Providence College Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler Shear viscosity to entropy density ratio of the Quark Gluon Plasma at finite baryon densities
Leonardo Ruales Essex County College Chuck Keeton Focusing cosmic telescopes on the distant universe
Ellis Thompson Vassar College Jak Chakhalian Growth and characterization of pyrochlore thin films
Owen Tower University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth Amit Lath Quark-gluon discrimination at the Large Hadron Collider


Student Institution Mentor(s) Project
Grace Cai Mount Holyoke College Weida Wu 3D piezoresponse force microscopy using contact resonances
Steven Clark Colorado School of Mines Ron Gilman Track reconstruction and the proton radius puzzle
Hannah Glaser Virginia Tech Yuri Gershtein, Eva Halkiadakis, & Amit Lath Search for low mass three-jet resonances at the Compact Muon Solenoid
Umran Haji University of California - Berkeley Carlton Pryor The eccentric satellites problem: comparing Milky Way satellite orbital properties to simulation results
Nick James Harvard University Chuck Keeton Exploring gravitational lensing model variations in the Frontier Fields galaxy clusters
Gabrielle Koknat University of Cincinnati Jak Chakhalian Strain-tunable metal-insulator transition in ultra-thin rare-earth nickelate films
Maggie Rivers Wellesley College Torgny Gustafsson Characterizing ion beam induced sample damage in the Helium Ion Microscope
Sandy Spicer Siena College Rachel Somerville Tracing the origin of black hole accretion through numerical hydrodynamic simulations
Abby Warden University of Missouri Matt Buckley Dark mediators in four top search at the Large Hadron Collider


Student Institution Mentor(s) Project
Travis Court Allegheny College Saurabh Jha SALT spectroscopy of ASASSN-15lh: the most luminous supernova, or something else?
Grace Haza Indiana University Sunil Somalwar Search for type-III seesaw with multilepton final states by CMS
Audrey Houghton University of Montana Alyson Brooks Interpreting the evolution of bulge growth in progenitors of Milky Way-type galaxies
Hannah Ihlenfeldt University of Wisconsin - Platteville Torgny Gustafsson Helium Ion Microscopy characterization and analysis of biological structures
Peter Kim Vassar College Robert Bartynski Self-assembly of rubrene thin films on noble metal surfaces
David Last Carnegie Mellon University Eva Halkiadakis & Amit Lath Finding bottom quarks with the CMS detector at the LHC
Manuel Perez III University of Redlands Andrew Baker Characterizing and cataloguing star-forming galaxies in preparation for the LADUMA survey
Michael Quinonez Central Connecticut State University Larry Zamick Selected topics on isospin in nuclei
Jaclyn Schillinger University of Alabama Girsh Blumberg Imaging of doped iron pnictides across a structural phase transition


Student Institution Mentor(s) Project
Maya Amouzegar University of Maryland Eva Halkiadakis & Amit Lath A study on multi-jets final states at the LHC
Sabrina Appel† Reed College Andrew Baker Spatially resolved star-formation in nearby analogues of Lyman break galaxies
Alex Bixel University of Virginia Jerry Sellwood Measuring the dark matter content of galaxies with SALT
Holly Christenson Western Washington University Eric Gawiser Analysis of narrow-band optical imaging to discover Lyman Alpha Emitting galaxies at z ~ 3.1
Ricardo Garcia University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Larry Zamick Gamow-Teller transitions and magnetic moments in the f 7/2 nuclear shell
Shaun Hogan University of Alabama Yuri Gershtein & Eva Halkiadakis Preparations for upgrades to the level 1 track trigger at the Compact Muon Solenoid for the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider
Jay Horwath Alfred University Robert Bartynski Understanding electron energy loss mechanisms in EUV resists using photoemission and electron energy loss spectrocopies
Ian Hunt-Isaak Oberlin College Sevil Salur Monte Carlo investigation of the quark-gluon plasma
Jyothis Johnson Hunter College Chuck Keeton Characterizing the zone of influence of dark matter clumps on image positions and flux ratios in gravitational lensing systems


Student Institution Mentor Project
Humna Awan Cornell University Eric Gawiser Optimizing the LSST observational strategy for survey uniformity
Katelyn Ciccozzi Kutztown University Alyson Brooks Comparison of dark halos' merging histories
Fernando Garcia University of Texas at Austin Weida Wu Local conduction in multiferroic lutetium ferrite superlattice films
Adrian Meyers† Columbia University Andrew Baker Pixel-based source reconstruction of the gravitationally lensed 8 o'clock arc
August Miller Bowdoin College Jack Hughes A search for counterparts to unconfirmed Planck cluster candidates in ROSAT, Chandra, and XMM-Newton data
Jackson Olsen The College of William and Mary Yuri Gershtein A stop decay search using jet substructure
Cayla Stifler Providence College Amit Lath Jet finding efficiencies for single and multiple matched partons
Mariel Tader Case Western Reserve University Sunil Somalwar Lower limit for the Minimal Type III Seesaw Mechanism fermionic triplet mass with CMS multi-lepton analysis
Rojae Wright Alabama A&M University Sang-Wook Cheong Growth of crystals with exotic physical properties


Student Institution Mentor Project
Ryan Blackman Northern Arizona University Jack Hughes Optical follow-up observations of lensing candidates for millimeter sources
Yssavo Camacho Lehigh University Saurabh Jha Spectroscopy of type Ia supernovae with the Southern African Large Telescope
Kirsten Hall† University of North Carolina Andrew Baker Star formation in local analogs of Lyman Break Galaxies
Emily Kraus Syracuse University Ron Gilman On the nucleon charge distributions
Leah Langer Chatham University Seongshik Oh Thin film topological insulators in a field effect transistor
Stephen Randall University of Maryland Sunil Somalwar High-energy searches for supersymmetry at CMS
Ryan Whitcomb Colorado State University Robert Bartynski Angle-resolved X-ray photoemission spectroscopy of epitaxial iron (II) fluoride thin films upon exposure to atomic lithium
Marc Wonders Washington and Lee University Amit Lath Search for light stops with pair-produced dijet resonances

† Supported by NSF grant AST-0955810.

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